How to avoid holiday weight gain

//How to avoid holiday weight gain

How to avoid holiday weight gain

How to avoid holiday weight gain

It’s not that pastry that you missed will make your holiday memorable, but the beautiful time you had with your loved ones. We tell you how to focus on everything other than foods that lead to weight gain when you’re on a holiday.

Have an enthusiastic and a positive mind frame: “Well begun is half done” The belief that you will surely gain weight during your holidays itself, makes you gain more kilos than your diet. So, a “Willingly Positive attitude” to maintain your weight is needed by being wise in choosing your food options that can make a huge difference.

Plan your holiday diet: Just like you have planned your trip very meticulously without overlooking any of your valuables, Treat your health also as an asset and plan out your food for your holiday destination. Find out the staple food of your destination and use all your imagination of how that can be made healthy, easily accessible and handy as well. For fruits and vegetables, remains universally healthy, nutritious and refreshing throughout the world. Avoid high calorie drinks, canned fruit juices and don’t forget to have lots of water throughout the day.

Drink wisely: Alcohol is a sure way to Gain “pure Calories” with no nutrition. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink, this will slow you down. Go easy on alcohol, sodas, flavoured drinks, sports drinks as they are high on sugars and very high on sodium content. Water is the best drink, which on contrary helps you to shed pounds. Also avoid highly processed or sugary foods and drinks.

Remain active: Holiday is definitely a time to relax, but relaxation and rejuvenation is at its peak when you conduct light exercises amidst a new and joyous environment. Walking daily for minimum 45 minutes can work wonders with your holiday diet. Walking, jogging, swimming, all turns so much fun when it is carried out in a more peaceful, and new atmosphere.

Keep a journal: At the end of your each day, Journal out your experience of the entire day. Talk out your emotions with each passing day and also note down your food and activity level of the day. Journals are great way to note down your experiences, as well as to assess yourself.

Don’t party hungry: Have healthy food intake consistently throughout the day and avoid starving for more than 2 hours. Starving makes you eat more than required and also promotes hunger pangs and Craving! Hence, it’s of utmost importance to have something light and healthy on regular short intervals.

Get passed the mood cloud: Research have shown that any kind of cravings or emotional mood swings lasts only for 10 minutes. Distract yourself with a television, a call to friend, your favourite pastime, etc to let your craving’s cloud pass by.

Don’t rush: Enjoy your holiday, enjoy your celebration. Check your pace, slow down. Savour each flavour and aroma of your food. You will notice that you are getting full when you are eating mindfully, experiencing each bite of your food. After all, that’s what holidays are meant for.

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