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The LIVEN Healthcare’s Lifestyle Modification and Nutrition Therapy allows you to successfully control your weight long term and helps in the prevention and control of diabetes, cardiovascular disease,  high blood pressure, joint pain, back pain, difficulty in walking, and loss of functional mobility. The program assists in helping lose fat for better chances of fertility / Pregnancy.

The program assists in correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies through healthy Eating. We study your lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, exercise regime, hormone levels and suggest appropriate measures to lose weight after a proper medical evaluation. The program is safe, painless with no surgical interference.
the end goals of the weight-loss program are to reduce disease, improve health and vitality, and reduce your number of doctor visits and medications.

Liven Weight Loss Program

We study your lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, exercise regime, hormone levels and suggest appropriate measures to lose weight after a proper medical evaluation.

Liven Weight Gain Program

Our comprehensive weight gain program that provides patients with customized diet plans according to their health and calorie requirements.

Liven Obesity Training Centre

Online Dietitian Training  In Weight Loss Management. Training available for doctors and dieticians interested in learning obesity management from experts in the field.

Liven Success Stories

Easy to follow diet and walking pattern . I lost 12 kgs weight and reached my target of 70 kgs in 4 months .I was eating a balanced and never felt starving or hungry. Best Weight Loss Program
Nliesh Jagani
Till now lost 15 kgs , still 25 to go – but I am sure I will be able to achieve this with LIVEN weight loss programs . Enough food to eat and no need to exercise , only walking is sufficient .
Rajashree Doshi
Wow ..i lost 10 kgs weight through online weight loss consultation only. I never visited their clinic . The process of online consultation is simple to follow .The follow up treatment is appointment based – phone calls , sms or whatsapp , emails , skype or video calls. Thank you so much for helping me in losing my weight.
Rashmi Ankalikar
Nelson lost 25 kgs , Yamini lost 12 kgs – it was very easy for both of us. As doctor suggested – husband and wife , if necessary should follow the treatment together . There is no point in one going on treatment when both of them are in need . It because difficult for one of them. But we took the task together and achieved our goal. Thank you so much to Liven’s Weeight Loss Program.
Nelson and Yamini Almeida
Fantastic weight loss program, lost 17 kgs weight – feeling so young. Wonderful and exciting life .
Thank you soooo much team Liven.
Sharvari Pawase
I started with liven weight loss programs purely because it is been given by a medically qualified doctor with experience in weight management. I had earlier tried with dietitians but soon understood that they have little knowledge about obesity and other diseases. Now I am happy . I have lost 20 kgs and also my diabetes is under control.
Advocate - Pune , Deccan Gym
Fourteen years before I meet Dr Kiran Rukadikar and started treatment for Obesity. Actually to treat my Infertility , I was been referred by a Gynaecologist to him . I do remember his words “ lose your  weight ( fat )  and increase your chances of infertility” . So I followed his treatment lost weight , conceived with twins . Now my girls are 12 years old . But I am still following his diet as and when require. LIVEN’S  WHEAT REVOLUTION is an amazing concept .  Even if I go for off diet for few days , gain few kgs I reopen file and follow the same instructions and again come back to normal weight.
Patil – Infertility , Tasgaon , Sangli
I was a Health editor of India’s Number one newspaper . My Husband meet with an accident and is bedridden for almost 15 yrs now . I stopped my job , started working as freelance writer and taking care of him. In the process I gained almost 25 kgs . I was depressed , on medications from a psychiatrist for almost 7-8 yrs . I was 85 kgs when I last meet Dr Kiran Rukadikar . Then my life changed . Initially for almost 4-6 months I used to just sit in front of him without saying anything. He used to just assure me, motivate me . He never spoke about diet. He only motivated me to be active and start walking. He explained me the concept of WHEAT REVOLUTION . After 6 months I started losing some weight . Then I started thinking as I was feeling better . Slowly he cultivated healthy eating practices in my life. It took us exactly 18 months for me to lose 25 kgs and come to 60 kgs. I was happy , depression gone , no medications and no more visits to psychiatrists. I had started walking , eating well , working well , taking good care of husband with dedication – It was absolutely  new me. Thanks to Dr Kiran Rukadikar who had put life in me.  I really recommend people to understand about WHEAT REVOLUTION.
Gayatri – depression , Dadar , Mumbai
Liven Online weight loss program is extremely beneficial  and simple. The online consultations through skype , and messaging through whatsapp is easier mode of communication. The Weight loss diet explanation by Dietitians through phone and video calls was very useful. I live in Canada and consulted online through Online software . I have lost 18 kgs in 5 months . I love the procedure of signing online and the Doctor’s from Liven healthcare team  immediately answer your quires . They are quick , prompt  and absolutely professional. I highly recommend people to try Liven Online Weight loss programs who are unable to travel such a long distance or even  instead of wasting time in Travelling .
Pallavi Thali – Online , canada
I am gym Freak man . But never lost my excess fat on the tummy. When I meet my uncle during Satara Hill Marathon after a gap of 4 months I found him 12 kgs less . He successfully ran the half marathon in 20 minutes lesser time than his previous year’s best . He told me the secret of his weight loss and increased performance . He told me about LIVEN WHEAT REVOLUTION weight loss program . I was shocked to hear that just walking and healthy eating are sufficient for fat loss. I immediately enrolled  , stopped gym almost for 5 months , lost my weight ( fat around Belly ) . I would like to advice all my gym enthusiast friends –  if you want to lose weight or increase stamina and strength , start with LIVEN WHEAT REVOLUTION program , lose weight and then see your performance.
Dhaval Bagawade , kolhapur
Wheat Revolution – wow an amazing concept . It changed my life. Never knew just walking and healthy eating can make such a huge impact on somebody’s life . I lost 27 kgs – Thanks a million Dr Kiran Rukadikar.
Dr Suhel Tamboli , Karad , Satara
68 kgs to 58kgs in just 3 months …..wow ..no exercises , ate proper food . Long live LIVEN .
Shalini Khamosh , Malad , House wife
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15028 patients from 12 countries lost their 1,42,847 kg total weight i.e. 8 kg average weight loss in average 2 months.

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Liven Online Weight Loss Program

Liven Online Weight Loss Program

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