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DIETQUEEN - is the first mobile app only for women’sweight loss.

Dietqueen - is the only mobile app made by a Qualified Doctor with 20+ yrs experience in handling patients and their nutritional and medical needs.

Dietqueen is available on android and IOS platforms.

DietQueen Guarantee’s Women’s Weight Loss -

  1. 5 kilos of fat reduction - in 5 weeks span.
  2. 25 kilos of fat reduction - in 6 months span.
  3. 50 kilos of fat reduction - in a year's span.

(When it takes 5 - 10 long years to gain 20-30 kilos of weight, why do people expect it to go down in just 2 - 3months?)

DIETQUEEN - focuses on ‘My Home Diet’.

- Eating home food in right quantity

- Walking, and no exercise or gym

- and behavioral modification (just changing your attitude)

is the solution for guaranteed, and permanent weight loss.For any personal consultations we have Liven Weight Loss centers which are our clinics in different cities.Brain behind it is Dr. Kiran Rukadikar, founder of LIVEN HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD, and his team of Doctor’s, and Dietitian’s.

Our Internal Journey

Formerly called as Dr Rukadikar’s weight loss clinics, it started in 2003 in Mumbai. Currently we have branches in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Ludhiana, Nanded, Satara, Belgaum, and online consultations. We have treated over 15000 patients till today.

Our Learning

18 years back , as a student of diabetes at raheja hospital mumbai, i saw patients of Diabetes mostly obese. Obesity is said to be the mother of many modern and chronic diseases. So treating the root cause i.e obesity itself was very vital in most of the diseases like diabetes , heart disease , hypertension , PCOD, Infertility, and certain cancers etc. Many of the diseases can be tackled relatively easily if obesity is taken care. There are very few qualified doctors in the field of obesity .Hence treating obesity by medically qualified doctors is the need of society .

People’s Experience

When it comes to weight loss, Go to ‘ gym’ is the first answer , balanced nutrition is never considered important which ideally should be. People try quick fixes like herbal remedies , slimming tea’s , and many of the so called ayurvedic / natural resource medicines which are available in many of the medical shops without prescriptions .

People do understand the importance of weight loss and its benefits but they are trapped since the path is not clear.Most of the methods of weight loss presently practised are not scientific. You will find people taking weight loss medicines from hearsay. The mushrooming of so called weight loss experts has added much to the problem. Lot of them have very little knowledge and above all they are being employed in high profile places like gymnasiums and slimming centres to guide people. The advice which they give can actually harm your health

Gymnasium, slimming centre’s and many herbal remedies have a good foothold in the weight loss industry. The amount of resources they spend , the way they advertise and portray as a weight loss remedy itself creates strong vibes.

If one can see a cardiologist for a heart problem & an ophthalmologist for an eye trouble, is it not logical to seek the guidance of a medical doctor trained in weight management.

Answering these challenges is a long ongoing process. To tackle these at mass level is itself a huge task to ask. We at Dietqueen and Liven Healthcare are going by leaps and bounds to create awareness amongst Women, society and let people understand what’s best for them.

Dietqueen’s Answer

- Going to gym and exercising is not required for weight loss. Actually, in the long term, Gym or exercises never causes fat loss and if at all then never maintains it. They are all for weight maintenance and muscle build.

- Medicines are not required for weight reduction. Also there is no single weight loss medicine available in the market.

- Hence our treatment - without gym and medicines , which is more simple and at the same time promising.

DietQueen focuses on Women’s weight loss, and ensures she understands and learns the science behind it so that she takes care of the entire family.

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