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Weight Gain – Medically Guided Weight Gain Diet Plan

Yes we understand, WEIGHT GAIN, is very difficult for quite number of people. Obviously the reasons are different ranging from simple no appetite for food, to more complex like diseases leading to malnutrition (Protein energy malnutrition or underweight).

Following are the reasons why are people underweight or people don’t gain weight –

 Tuberculosis  Smoking  Frequent Operations causing energy loss
 AIDS  Hyperthyroidism  Simple energy balance
 Cancer  Psychological conditions – Anorexia Nervosa,
Stress , Anxiety , Fear of gaining weight
 Heavy exercises
 Gastrointestinal disorders Malnutrition  Simple loss of appetite
 Parasitic Infestations
 Type 1 diabetes
Renal Failure


Our comprehensive weight gain program consist of providing patients with customized diet plans according to their health and calorie requirements. The diet plan is drawn upon after blood tests to investigate causes and complications of patient being underweight . We also provide Dietary Counseling Sessions, Medical Needs etc for  How To Gain Weight. Weight Gain Diet plans are changed weekly or bi-weekly according to patient’s progress.

We study your lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, exercise regime, hormone levels to suggest appropriate measures to gain weight.

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