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Weight Loss Made Easy

When people and the entire societies of the world think of health and weight loss they have a firm belief that exercises ( in and out of the gym) is the first solution . On the contrary it is not. Physical exercises ( inclusive of gym ) are meant for muscular strength , cardiorespiratory fitness , stamina , strength – which are required for sports and professionals of that particular field .People waste time , money and energy by going to gym and doing exercises in the quest of losing weight and gaining health . The ultimate solution for losing weight and gaining health is walking . Walking does not require money . You can do it at any time you prefer. Results have shown that the people who walk regularly right from the early childhood have maintained their weight and health in good shape.

Start walking and see the results. Now when you have started walking – you have saved much on time , money , energy and most of all your thinking process ; we now focus on the most important thing in a human’s life – eating. Hourly eating and healthy eating are 2 different things. Hourly eating is for weight loss Healthy eating is for Health ( Eat may not be hourly and should be customized as per the requirement ). Most of Doctor’s have less knowledge about Nutrition and weight Loss Diet . Dietitians’s  have no knowledge about Obesity , Diabetes , Metabolism and how to tackle that. We at LIVEN are qualified Allopathic Doctor’s and Trained Dietitian’s specialized in Obesity , Diabetes , Metabolism and Nutrition. It is a perfect blend of Doctor turned Dietitian – Diet Doctor.

Food is thy Medicine – so get treatment for your weight , diabetes , infertility and heart disease just by eating food properly . “Doctor’s Prescribe medicines according to your body weight , you stitch or buy clothes according to your body weight ….do you eat food according to your body weight”.

Dr Kiran Rukadikar , Chairman and Managing Director of Liven Healthcare Private Ltd has a reach experience of 14yrs in treating Obesity nutritionally . After successfully treating more than 15000 patients in just weight loss and lifestyle diseases he has come to a conclusion that Walking ( for weight loss and health ) and healthy ( and Hourly) eating program is the ultimate , simple and sure weight loss solution . Hence he has designed a program which primarily focus upon the same. The program is unique in its kind as it allows almost all kinds of natural food to eat in good quantity. People here eat more and lose weight . The approach of patients and his clients  towards food and physical activity has changed  and  revolutionized their health and life.

Join wheat revolution and make a revolutionary change in your life .

WHEAT REVOLUTION Weight Loss Program Step by Step

Why opt for the LIVEN’s  WHEAT Revolution?

  • Quick Results *
  • Weight Loss Program Medically guided by  Expert Doctor

  • Designed by keeping YOU in mind

  • Long lasting weight reduction *
  • Easy to follow

  • Convenient as available in person and online.

  • Safe. Painless. Non surgical

* Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person. Client needs to follow the treatment as prescribed by Liven Healthcare’s Experts

Why Liven Healthcare for weight loss ?

  • 14 Years of experience in Weight Loss Management

  • Run by team of qualified MBBS  Doctors, Dietitians,  & allied Health Professionals.

  • Thousands of satisfied clients from India and Abroad

  • Presence in Mumbai, Pune , Kolhapur , Nanded , Ratnagiri

Weight Loss Program Success Stories

*Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person. Client needs to follow the treatment as prescribed by Liven Healthcare’s Experts.

Easy to follow diet and walking pattern . I lost * 12 kgs weight and reached my target of 70 kgs in 4 months .I was eating a balanced and never felt starving or hungry. Best Weight Loss Program

Nliesh Jagani

Till now lost * 15 kgs , still 25 to go – but I am sure I will be able to achieve this with LIVEN weight loss programs . Enough food to eat and no need to exercise , only walking is sufficient .

Rajashree Doshi

Wow ..i lost * 10 kgs weight through online weight loss consultation only. I never visited their clinic . The process of online consultation is simple to follow .The follow up treatment is appointment based – phone calls , sms or whatsapp , emails , skype or video calls. Thank you so much for helping me in losing my weight.

Rashmi Ankalikar

Nelson lost * 25 kgs , Yamini lost * 12 kgs – it was very easy for both of us. As doctor suggested – husband and wife , if necessary should follow the treatment together . There is no point in one going on treatment when both of them are in need . It because difficult for one of them. But we took the task together and achieved our goal. Thank you so much to Liven’s Weeight Loss Program.

Nelson and Yamini Almeida

Fantastic weight loss program, lost * 17 kgs weight – feeling so young. Wonderful and exciting life .
Thank you soooo much team Liven.

Sharvari Pawase

Weight Loss Program Packages

Clinic Based

  • Visit the Liven clinic in your city
  • Interact with our Medical Professionals for Mediacal Evaluation and Treatment
  • Start the personalized regimen designed specially for you
  • Follow  treatment for 15 days and revert


  • Connect with our medical consultants on Phone / WhatsApp (09921127333) or e-mail on info@drrukadikars.com
  • Register on Liven’s website and follow our required procedure for creating your case history
  • Select the weight loss program package and receive your username and password
  • Login for your personalised treatment plan & Call for understanding it
  • Follow treatment for 15 days and revert
  • Give feedback every fortnight on the treatment results
  • Revised treatment plan, if found necessary, will be uploaded on your personal patient portal.
  • This easy-access online program is the same as Liven’s clinic based consultation

5000 per one month/12000 per three months/ 22000 per six months

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5000 per one month/12000 per three months/ 22000 per six months

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Weight Loss Program FAQ

For lose weight you need to follow our WHEat Revolution program. In which you need to follow diet & walking. According to our treatment you will lose near about 4-5 kgs of weight in one month only. Likewise, if your target is losing 20 kgs then you will need to do this treatment for 4- 5 months.

Generally if you follow our obesity treatment sincerely, you can lose 4-5 kg in only one month.(*Results may vary from person to person. Client needs to follow the treatment as prescribed by Liven Healthcare’s Experts)

As per our treatment you will lose 4-5 kg of weight in only one month.
Likewise, if your target is losing 20 kg then you will need to do this treatment for 5 months.

Yes, definitely you can lose your weight or fat by only walking along with proper diet. There is no need to do any other type of exercise. For that matter any exercise will increase your appetite and either food intake increase which may stop losing weight or if you try to follow diet then the excess energy requirement is fulfilled by breakdown and utilization of proteins.

In treatment of obesity we suggest walk as a physical activity. Actually you have to do walking for life time as it is a part of healthy life style. If you see we do other activities daily without any complaining just like eyes do their work daily also ear n other organs also do their activities daily. That time we don’t interfere in that activities then why we complaining about walking. Walking is routine activity of our legs so we have to understand that & agree to walking daily. Daily walking is one of the reason of fat loss, also it is the most important to do walking lifetime for maintaining the reduced weight i.e fat & to maintain healthy body .

Don’t worry you are in safe hands. Our treatment has been planned scientifically by medically qualified doctors and dietitians who are trained in obesity management . Treatment is very healthy n also natural . Here we don’t give you any type of supplements, shake powder or  any unhealthy crash diet. Our treatment is very simple and we recommend only home made food which we all are eating in every day routine. So don’t worry , you will not face any type of problem or side-effects after taking this treatment.

Maintaining weight after losing weight is easy n is in your hand and legs . Yes what your hands pickup for eating and how much you walk . During this obesity treatment, we give you counseling settings after every 15 days. During this counseling settings every time you will catch new things about diet , walk in shortly about your healthy life style. So whatever you get knowledge it is not for short period, it is for lifetime as it is not only obesity treatment but also it is a lifestyle modification. So after losing weight you have to manage your healthy lifestyle with the use of that knowledge & also most important is accompanied by daily walking.

Our slimming centres / Clinics are located in Mumbai and Kolhapur

Yes you can do it online through our online platform.  In fact most of our national and international clients are using this facility on regular basis.  They prefer it just because it is at their lesiure , don’t have to travel and above all gives the same benefit as clinic based treatment.

Doctors and dietitians who are working in our clinics are the one who are specifically trained for online consultation.  We have dedicated team for the same.

Obese for losing weight, underweight for weight gain, Diabetic, hypertensive, heart disease all for prevention and control. Patients who are infertile also come to reavh normal weight to increase their chances of fertility.

The health benefits of losing weight are enormous .The LIVEN’s WHEat Revolution Therapy allows you to successfully control your weight long term and helps in the prevention and control of diabetes, cardiovascular disease,  high blood pressure, joint pain, back pain, difficulty in walking, and loss of functional mobility. The program assists in helping lose fat for better chances of fertility / Pregnancy.  The program assists in correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies through healthy Eating.

The answer is clear – Yes , after losing weight your hormone secretions are in control which is highly effective in treating infertility. Whether you are trying on your own or starting a fertility treatment , getting towards normal weight improves your chances – not only of getting pregnant but of having safe and healthy pregnancy.  

Yes , reduce in weight is a common recommendation for treatment of type 2 diabetes. Extra fat actually increases insulin resistance ( bodies can’t use properly the hormone insulin). By losing weight, you can become less insulin resistant and will be able to use insulin better.

Yes, our program help in treating Heart Disease & Hypertension.
In our weight loss program treatment we will give you diet as per your body requirement which can help you to reduce and maintain your triglycerides and LDL cholesterol to desired permissible level.

Obesity and Coronary Heart Disease

Until recently the relation between obesity and coronary heart disease was viewed as indirect. But most of the Problems or co morbidities relating obesity to coronary artery disease increase as BMI increases, they also relate to body fat distribution. Obesity as such not only relates to but independently predicts coronary atherosclerosis.

Reasons –

  1. Type 2 diabetes
  2. High Blood pressure ( Hypertension )
  3. Lipid problems ( Dyslipidemia )
  4. Heart Problems ( Heart Attacks , Heart Failure , Increase in heart size )


( Ischemia means – local deficiency of blood supply )

  1. The most common cause of death in Western culture is ischemic heart disease, which results from insufficient coronary blood flow.
  2. It is increasing alarmingly in Urban India as well.  Some deaths occur suddenly as a result of acute coronary occlusion or fibrillation of the heart,
  3. Other deaths occur slowly over a period of weeks to years as a result of progressive weakening of the heart pumping process.
    Atherosclerosis as a Cause of Ischemic Heart Disease.

A frequent cause of diminished coronary blood flow is atherosclerosis. Briefly, in people who have a genetic predisposition to atherosclerosis,  who are overweight or obese and have a sedentary lifestyle, or who have high blood pressure and damage to the endothelial cells of the coronary blood vessels, large quantities of cholesterol gradually become deposited beneath the endothelium at many points in arteries throughout the body.Gradually, these areas of deposit are invaded by fibrous tissue and frequently become calcified. The net result is the development of atherosclerotic plaques that actually protrude into the vessel lumens and either block or partially block blood flow. A common site for development of atherosclerotic plaques is the first few centimeters of the major coronary arteries.

Congestive Heart Failure

  1. Left ventricular hypertrophy is common in patients with obesity and to some extent is related to systemic hypertension. However, abnormalities in left ventricular mass and function also occur in the absence of hypertension and may be related to the severity of obesity.
  2. Hypertension is approximately three times more common in obese than normal-weight persons. This relationship may be cause-and-effect in
    that when weight increases, so does blood pressure, whereas when weight decreases, blood pressure falls.
  3. Increased left ventricular volume and wall stress in addition to increased stroke volume and cardiac output are commonly seen in systemic
    hypertension. The hypertrophy of the left ventricle is both concentric and eccentric, and diastolic dysfunction is common.
  4. When obesity is present but systemic hypertension is absent, left ventricular volume is often increased, but wall stress usually remains normal.
    However, in obese patients without hypertension, increases in stroke volume and cardiac output as well as diastolic dysfunction are seen. These changes in the left ventricle are related to sudden death in obese patients.
  5. Dilated cardiomyopathies, presumably with concomitant cardiac arrhythmias, may be the most common cause of sudden death in patients with severe obesity.
  6. The prolonged QT interval also seen in obesity  may predispose to such arrhythmias.

Changes in the right heart also occur in obesity. The pathophysiology is related to obstructive sleep apnea and/or the obesity hypoventilation syndrome,  which produce pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular hypertrophy, dilatation, progressive dysfunction, and finally failure. However, right ventricular dysfunction can also occur as a consequence of left ventricular dysfunction, and the heart failure that develops is often biventricular.

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